Who Makes the Best Stunt Scooter?

  • March 29, 2017
Who Makes the Best Stunt Scooter?

As popular as some stunt scooters are, not all options found on the market meet consumer expectations. How good or bad a unit is entirely depends on the manufacturer and their commitment to meeting the highest quality standards. But as the old proverb goes, the proof of the food is in the eating, let’s see who makes the best stunt scooter in town.

Fuzion Scooter​

Fuzion is a leading scooter engineering and manufacturing company located in Oakland, California. The company is a member of the International Scooters Association and is renowned for its ability to produce all-time American classics. From scooters with back-to-basics design to pro scooters that allow for freestyle stunts, the company has carved a niche for itself in this competitive space. Their team competes in ISA Championships, the equivalent of F1 scootering. Indeed, the fact that this company makes stunt scooters that qualify for international competitions is proof that you can look forward to good quality and durable products at them.

Vokul Sports Equipment Co. Ltd​

Vokul is a Chinese sports equipment manufacturer that has been in operation for over a decade now. Their offices are located in Mainland China, staffed with over 300 employees, 60 of them in technology. This firm boasts a first-class professional design and management team housed in a production facility spanning over 8,000 square meters. They specialise in Tri-scooters, kick scooters, swing scooters, electric scooters and balance bikes. Thanks to their consistency and ability to live up to US and EU standards, they have amassed a series of positive reviews from most of their past customers.

Pulse Performance Products​

Pulse Performance Products (PPP) is a designer and manufacturer of high-performance stunt scooters stationed in Southern California. The company first opened its door in 2007 with their signature Kick N Go scooters. Several years down the line, the cutting edge firm has continued to push the boundaries by developing unique and innovative products. Some of their groundbreaking innovations like Composite Deck Traction (CDT) have set the brand miles ahead of the competition.

Envy Scooters​

There’s something about Envy that makes them too good to ignore. Their stunt scooters are of great quality in terms of design, parts and abilities. One of their most popular products the Envy Charge Complete boasts an aluminium deck and SOBV2 forks. Besides that, you can also find features like Colt High tensile metallic bars, and bolt-on-flex brake a plus irrespective of your level of experience. Another plus with their products is that the different parts like wheels, forks and bars come with a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty. As for the decks, you get a 6-month warranty covering visible cracking of the deck or impaired function.​

The jury is still out on who makes the best stunt scooter. However, considering a number of factors, Envy seem to top the charts with their high degree of integrity and ability to back up their products with warranty.