Where Do Scooter Stunt Pegs Go?

  • April 2, 2017
Where Do Scooter Stunt Pegs Go?

“Scootering” is a great pastime that can get even more exciting with the introduction of new tricks and stunts. After all, what fun is there in just performing the routine pushing and kicking day-in-day-out? Given that there are some limits on the number of stunts you can perform using a plain scooter, we would like to introduce you to pegs. Without pegs, you’ll simply have to resort to jumping up with the scooter, which may not look awesome after all. But where do scooter stunt pegs go? With just a little more practice, you can learn how to put these awesome additions so you can get back to popping new tricks.

Getting Started​

If you are anything like me, I hate the idea of reading a long list of instructions, chances are that you would like a simplified method to installing stunt pegs. The whole process simply involves removing the wheel axles, slipping on your stunt pegs before finally screwing them back in place. As simple as that.


Just like other manufacturers who do not include all accessories into their products, those who make pegs expect you to supply the necessary tools for this task. Fortunately, the tools required do not cost as much. You only need to grab a peg axle bolt and nut – cylindrical tool. Besides that, you need Allen wrenches which are specifically made for scooters (measuring approximately 6 inches). A socket wrench measuring 0.5 inches would also come in handy.

The Pegs​

Now that you have all the tools, the fun part of the entire process begins. Pick out the stunt pegs that best suit your thirst for adventure. Good pegs often include features like axle bolts. You can choose from several colours but the most popular ones include black, purple, blue and red. You can stick to your generic blacks if you want all attention to be on you (the rider) not your scooter.


Using a vice to hold the scooter securely, apply an Allen wrench to remove the axle. Watch to make sure your pegs’ spacers remain in sight in the process (you’ll need them to replace your axle later).​

Finally, Get Ready For It – This Is Where Scooter Stunt Pegs Go​

Once you have removed the axle, prepare your stunt peg for installation. Put the peg axle through, giving thought to the side of your scooter (depending on your personal preference and style). Once you decide which side of your scooter you want the stunt peg to go, send the axle bolt right through the opening gently. Be sure to use spacers to hold the axle in place. Keep doing this until you hold your scooter’s wheel perfectly in place.

Winding Up​

Just before you wrap up the whole exercise, it is imperative to tighten the 0.5-inch nut so it holds properly in place until the nut no longer moves. Be sure to double check this, for your own security.​

Every journey begins with a single step. But when it comes to shooting, every great ride starts with a peg. Knowing where do stunt pegs go can indeed play a big role in helping you make the most out of your outdoor escapades.