What’s the Lightest Stunt Scooter?

  • April 11, 2017
What's the Lightest Stunt Scooter?

Weight is an important metric to put into consideration when shopping for a stunt scooter. You don’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere with a heavy scooter that you can barely carry on your shoulders. So what’s the lightest stunt scooter in town? We take a look at 8 examples that weigh 10 lbs.

Lucky 2017 Evo Freestyle Pro Scooter Complete​

If you’re looking for a unit that is perfect for the skate park and still capable of complementing your freestyle scootering needs, Lucky 2017 Evo will certainly be your best bet. At 8.3 lbs, this street machine boasts patented braking system, 120 mm wheels and 5” wide ProBar. Whichever way you look at it, this unit is fit enough for an active, outdoor lifestyle.

Blitz Storm Pro Kick Scooter S4​

Made by a Canadian manufacturer, Blitz Storm S4 rivals with the world’s leading brands in providing a durable ride that’s lightweight and authentic. A closer look at the scooter reveals a unit that has been specifically designed for a discerning rider – tough, light and trendy. Weighing only 7.2 lbs, there’s no limit on what you can do with this stunt scooter.

Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter​

Weighing 7.1 lbs, Fuzion X-3 stands tall as a lightweight stunt scooter that is specifically designed for beginners. Among its top features include – a lightweight box like a deck, cast PU wheels and high-strength handlebars. To complete the equation is a steel flex brake that provides sufficient stopping power for a safe riding experience.

Pulse Performance KR2 Freestyle Scooter​

This hi-tensile machine provides a fun way to get around the neighbourhood with ease as an entry-level scooter. With its heat-treated aluminium deck and solid-core urethane wheels, the Pulse KRS surprisingly weighs 7 lbs. This means you can carry it with you anytime, anywhere, with ease.

Speedy 5 JR Pro Kick Scooter​

Speedy 5 is known for its user-friendly features that make it ideal as an entry-level scooter. Its solid aluminium deck and 100mm core wheels and flex brake make for a perfect combination of a stunt scooter that weighs slightly above 7 lbs.

Kick Scooter Mayhem Galaxy Pro Scooter​

This pro scooter not only offers a perfecting opportunity for the thrill seeker yearning for a durable ride but also offers a lightweight package. It’s most efficient way to save on weight comes in form of Cro-Mo handlebars with rubber grips. Note that this model is equipped with cast alloy wheels to give you the extra power you need to perform your craziest stunts yet. This unit weighs a mere 7 pounds.

District C050 Pro Scooter​

District Freestyle is definitely one of the most trusted stunt scooter brands in town and their top-selling model, the C050 doesn’t disappoint. Weighing a paltry 6.7 pounds, the aluminium welded scooter stands out with its standard TRP grips and flex bender brake system.

Razor Pro XX Scooter​

Made with a 100 percent aircraft-grade aluminium body, double TIG-welded deck with a threaded fork, the Razor Pro XX scooter ranks top among the lightest stunt scooters available. The thriller comes with features like rubberized grips, patented brake system and urethane wheels, this scooter is capable of offering an impressive ride and still maintain a desirable weight of 6 lbs.​