What Are Scooter Stunt Pegs?

  • April 27, 2017
What Are Scooter Stunt Pegs?

Scootering always gets more fun and very exciting when you can do more tricks and stunts. But of course, there is a limit as to how many tricks you can do using a stunt scooter that has no extra accessories attached. This is where scooter stunt pegs come in. Available in different sizes, designs and styles, scooter pegs are for all riders who want to pull that difficult trick off. But what exactly are scooter stunt pegs? We find out in this article.

Scooter stunt pegs are for riders who want a little extra stability when stalling, riding rails or coping on a ramp. The certain set of tricks need some additions to the main body of the stunt scooter. The pegs, therefore, enable you to do so many tricks like ledge grinds and a range of flatlands stunts. Without the pegs, you will have to resort to jumping up with the entire scooter onto the higher ground, which is not as cool as when suspended from a scooter stunt peg. Other tricks that can be performed with a great pair of scooter stunt pegs include spinning and peg grinding.

Which Scooter Stunt Pegs Are Right for You?​

Generally, the number and type of scooter stunt pegs to use on your scooter will usually depend on the type of tricks you would like to pull off. So if you are thinking of buying or replacing pegs for your stunt scooter, here are some of the things you may need to consider.


Most scooter stunt pegs are made from aluminium alloy hence are sturdy and light weight. Others, however, feature tough and hard-wearing plastic or nylon for smoother grinds. But generally, it is advisable to buy pegs made from stronger materials so you don’t have to keep on replacing every now and then.

Integrated or Non-Integrated​

Scooter stunt pegs are available in two types; integrated and non-integrated type. The integrated type comes with multiple axle bolts that usually screw into the middle of the peg. This peg design does not need the rider to look for longer axle bolts. It is, therefore, compatible with most stunt scooter models. The no integrated design, on the other hand, attach to the end of existing axle bolts. So depending on the brand and model of stunt scooter you have, you may have to source longer axle bolts.​


Sometimes the quality of the scooter stunt pegs can be discerned by the cost. So the higher the cost, the better the quality of the product. But this theory does not always apply. And since you don’t want to spend more than you can afford, finding scooter stunt pegs that are within your budget is recommended. There are great scooter pegs from well-known brands like Lucky, District and MGP.​

With different brands and designs of pegs available, not all scooter stunt pegs fit on all scooters. So make sure the pegs you buy are compatible with your scooter especially if they are not from the same brand.