About Us

The easiest way to describe our little fellowship here on Rising is love towards stunt scooters. We gathered and decided that we want to help all our fellow scooter enthusiasts to pick and ride with the best stunt scooters there are. Even though this site is created towards an audience that likes, loves and adores stunt scooters, we wanted to educate all other people that might find this topic interesting. Therefore, on our site, you can easily find everything there is to know about stunt scooter, whether you are a pure beginner or a well-made expert with many riding years behind your back. All in all, this place was made for anyone who likes stunt scooters and wants to learn more about them. So if you are by any chance one of them, then stay awhile and hear us out.

Who Are We?​

As we said earlier, we are a little group of thrill seeking individuals, that find joy and peace riding stunt scooters. You probably already saw some footage with stunt scooter riders, making cool jumps, flips and tricks. At first, look that might seem impossible, but with enough practice, time and good stunt scooter you will be able to do the same. When we started it was rough, there was a shortage of information on the internet regarding this topic. With that in mind, we came up with this idea. Through time we learned a lot about scooters (in a hard way) so we decided that the best thing to do with all this knowledge is to share it and spread it. Since these days stunt scooters are becoming quite expensive we want to navigate you in the right direction and help you find the proper scooter for your needs.

We all started small and had no clue on what we were doing, but years and years passed by and we learned a thing or two. The most important thing that you all need to know is that hard work and knowledge can achieve anything. All our reviews are based on our personal standpoints and they are not, by any means, sponsored by the brands that we mention. Our first and most important goal is to help you out and we, just like you, think of the "little guy".

Luckily for us, we had a lot of help from many friends that shared the same vision as we, and we are more than grateful for that. As always, we like to hear your side of the story and what you think of our little project. We are workaholics which make your feedback even better. Let us discuss together many types and models of stunt scooters and help us create a community that will work as a single unit when it comes to proving everyone around us that stunt scooters are the real deal.

If you have any comments, advice, questions, or you simply want to say hello, let us know! We will take all your suggestion and kind words to heart!​